We want to say a big and heartfelt thank you to you for your support and love. We are positioned to empower and influence you to live well and thrive in your everyday life. We welcome you to join us in fellowship as often as you can as we empower, nurture, and build up each other. It is our prayer that God's love will fill your heart, that you will find hope, love, friendships, and a renewed strength in the transformative grace of Jesus in this place.


The promised power of God’s word reveals that our heavenly father, Jesus his Son, and the Holy Spirit—the one who comforts and grant us the ability to think and act successfully, has our interests at heart. That is why God has loved us with an everlasting love and demonstrates this love by sending Jesus—his only son to save us (John 3:16), forgive us, take our guilt away, and heal our brokenness even while we were yet sinners. God through his grace has given us an opportunity to become complete in him and be saved by simply believing on him, and freely giving our minds and our lives to him.


Because of this loving relationship between us and God, our heavenly father has determined to return soon to earth, in order to take us right back to heaven our original home where we belong and where there will be no more sin; for it was sin that birthed poverty and lack, sorrow and pain, death and separation, suffering and diseases. When everything is ready, God would have made all arrangements to ensure we will never again be separated from him and our loved ones (John 14:1-3)! It is for this cause, that we have erected this multiracial—non-denominational household of grace, where friendships are built and nurtured embracing all as God’s one big great family.


We embrace this diversity with love and respect, hope, discipleship and prayer. We do this redemptive assignment with integrity, and excellence to serve and provide an altar of grace for you, for the intercession of your loved ones in this community, nation, and our brothers and sisters in the global village. We understand that people and communities need to be empowered in order to live for significance and in abundance and prosperity for their everyday lives. For this reason we are more than glad to empower you with a direction to live in victory and have a joyous everyday celebration of a vibrant life, to our minds and bodies powered by grace. We are happy to pray with you, visit you, celebrate with you, and provide you with leadership in God’s honor—for his fellowship and worship, and for his glory! 


For this cause, my wife and I have responded to God’s redemptive calling and assignment. We are excited and are looking forward to meeting with you. We have been positioned to empower and influence you to live well and thrive in your everyday life. We strongly encourage you to bring your friends, family, and colleagues. Come! Let us build this house of grace together. Let us celebrate the grace of God together as we live with the assurance of a renewed everyday relationship with Jesus. As a fellowship—a family, we have experienced and can guarantee that it is only by God’s grace that we can attain our goals, reach our dreams, realize our visions, touch lives, expect peace, receive joy, and have our hopes fulfilled while we experience God’s healing and forgiveness. Because of the transformative power of God’s grace and mandate in our lives, we are committed to:


  • Empowering and nurturing one another—to enable us become successful, live well, thrive and sustain good relationships with the Holy Spirit as new creatures in Jesus Christ. That leads us to good health to our minds and bodies.
  • Empowering and nurturing one another—to enable us become successful in material prosperity, in dominion principles that that provides us opportunities to master entrepreneurship and wealth creation. This will lead us to victory over poverty and give us the ability to meet our material needs on earth.
  • Empowering and nurturing one another—to enable us become successful and responsible in spirituality that leads us to become good citizens where we learn to treat one another with love and respect as we will have them treat us. This will help to strengthen our lives, the lives of those we love, the lives of our neighbors and society in general.
  • Empowering and nurturing one another—to enable us become successful among those who will share in God’s glory when Jesus returns soon to earth to end our fears, end poverty, end injustices, end hurts or pains, end betrayals and sorrow; end disappointments and rejection, end evils and the enemy—Satan. God will end suffering, end all lives struggles, end sicknesses and diseases, and ultimately, end and defeat death and those awe moments that crush our hopes and our hearts.


Therefore, on behalf of my wife and I, and the entire GraceWorld Christian Fellowship Family, we pray that the God of grace will meet the deepest needs of your heart. We proclaim his peace and prosperity in your home, in your work environment, and as you go out and come in. We pronounce his favor on your children, your spouse, and your finances. We pray that his abiding love and grace will speak for you when it matters the most. Once again, I congratulate you for coming to visit the house of grace where praise is exuberant and prayer steadfast. You are welcome to GraceWorld Christian Fellowship (GCF) where Jesus reigns and the grace of God rules supreme.


-Pastor Dr. John Nwankwo & Pastor Jane John-Nwankwo