GCF Sabbath School Ministries

The goal of our multicultural and multiracial GCFSSM is to provide an opportunity of spiritual enrichment and empowerment that nurtures educates, inspires, and motivates our members, guests, and friends of our ministry on a weekly basis towards discipleship. We have a theme that we discuss each quarter and a different lesson topic every week. 

We provide a rich spiritual environment to discuss issues of everyday living as friends in a practical non-threatening atmosphere where people can freely express their views and understanding of the lesson under discussion, asked questions, learn through those questions and feedbacks received; and through discussions backed by biblical tenets that challenges us to live for significance and on purpose.

These helps equip us in our Christian lifestyle journey. The ultimate goal is to maintain a better everyday relationship with Jesus and with one another. We meet every Saturday at 10 a.m. at the GCF worship auditorium in groups to discuss, build up each other, and interact through the word of God.